When Should I Sell My Car?

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Maybe you just paid off your car or maybe you want something new to drive around Quincy. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to take a moment and truly consider whether selling your car is the right choice for you. Learn about what to consider when selling your car with the finance center at Shottenkirk Chevrolet to determine when you should sell your car.

What to Consider When Selling Your Car

Knowing when you should sell your car isn’t always the easiest decision, as there are plenty of things that you should consider before selling. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade for your Hannibal commute or just want a change of pace, here are some things that we recommend considering when selling your car:

Do You Have a Spare/Extra Car?

Do you have another car that’s just sitting around and not getting used? If you do, you could sell that car for some extra cash or sell your current vehicle and drive the extra car while you wait to buy a new car. Or, you could sell both vehicles and have extra money to put down towards a new vehicle.

Do You Still Owe Money on Your Car?

If you still owe money on your car, then it could be beneficial to sell if your car is worth more than your current loan balance. If you still owe $10,000 on your car, but you can get $15,000, then you’ll clear your loan balance and have $5,000 left to pocket or put towards a new ride. But, if you owe $15,000 on your car and it’s only worth $10,000, then you’ll still have to pay off the remaining $5,000.

Is the Car Paid Off?

Should you sell your paid off car? If you like having no car payments, then maybe consider keeping it for a while longer. However, selling a paid off vehicle will allow you to have even more money to put down towards a new vehicle if you choose to upgrade.

How Is the Economy?

If used car prices are higher, then it could be beneficial for you to sell your used vehicle to a dealership. If used prices are low, then it could be better to wait and see if the market changes.

Do You Have Other Transportation?

If you sell your car, will you have a way of getting around Keokuk? You can always take the bus or ride a bike if it works for you and fits your schedule. However, if you need to commute for work, then it’s important to have your transportation plans worked out while looking for a new car.

How Many Miles Are on Your Car?

If your vehicle has a significant amount of miles for how old it is, then you should expect to get a reasonable offer from buyers. For reference, most drivers put an average of 12,000 miles on their cars per year.

Still unsure of when you should sell your car? Bring your vehicle to our dealership in Quincy to see what kind of offer we can make you.

Sell Your Car at Shottenkirk Chevrolet

Contact us to set up a time to give your car a look and see how much we can offer you for your used vehicle.

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